The Roadside Crows album – 12″ Vinyl version

High quality, 180 gram, short run vinyl pressing of the album The Roadside Crows by The Roadside Crows.

43 minutes of carefully crafted music.

Only 100 made.

Side A

  1. The Call of the Crows
  2. If There’s a God Out There
  3. My God is Better Than Your God
  4. Rain
  5. Rest Well
  6. In an Empty Room in an Empty House
  7. Trojan
  8. Faces Make Fools

Side B

  1. Talk
  2. Another Morning
  3. I Fucked Up
  4. I Wanna Make A Cuppa Tea
  5. In The Sun
  6. Without

Total run time is 43 minutes.

Includes download card for 320KBPS MP3 version of the record.


We worked really, really hard on this album and we hope you dig it!