About Us

The Roadside Crows is a band from Perth, Western Australia.

We play real instruments, and we have a damned good time doing it.

Brendan plays drums, other percussion, and some backing vocals
Adam plays guitar and rocks some backing vocals
Bill rocks the fattest bass sounds known to humanity and gets on the mic to knock out those killer backing vocals.
AndrewVocals and Guitar
Andrew is on lead vocals and guitar.

Our Story

The Roadside Crows is combined of Brendan (drums), Bill (bass), Adam (guitar), and Andrew (guitar and vocal), and everyone gets in the backing vocals.

Brendan and Adam are brothers, so they’ve known each other the longest. Mind you, it’s not the longest by much because Brendan and Andrew met in kindergarten. They collectively grew up in the same area. Brendan and Andrew ended up going to the same kindy, pre-primary school, primary school, and high school together.

Brendan learned guitar and taught Andrew the basics. Andrew spent a lot of time playing a beat-up, second hand guitar after that.

Meanwhile Adam was learning bass and at 18 he formed a band called Veneer. They were the first local live act Andrew saw and he and Brendan were both massively impressed watching Adam’s band on stage. Brendan and Andrew then formed a school band to follow in his footsteps.

As the years went on, Brendan, Andrew, and Adam were in various different bands, some at the same time with each other, some completely separately.

After all getting back together to jam out some tunes Andrew had written for an album he wanted to record, with Brendan now playing drums and Adam playing guitar, they were lacking some sweet, fat, juicy bottom-end.

As luck would have it, Brendan ran into a bloke who’d moved over from Victoria who was looking for people to jam with. Turns out he plays bass like a legend and he’s a top bloke too.

Years of jamming later, it was time to record

“These lads just dig making music, and I dig that.”

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Behind The Scenes

In the studio