We recently went back to the studio to knock-out two more tracks for Distance and Decibels.

It was another massive session which started at 7pm on the Friday setting up all the gear, ahead of recording from Saturday lunchtime right through to 3am. We had some technical glitches which held us up for an hour or two but we got everything done in the end.

First we tackled Faces Make Fools, otherwise known as Trojan. We were all stoked with how well everything sounded together in the studio. Everything just seemed to fit nicely in its place and add to an overall sound that was exactly what I was after. My playing could have been a bit better but we laid down some really solid takes and decided we had enough to work with, so we took a break for dinner.

The plan was to have a feed and then come back and knock out Talk nice and easy but it didn’t work out that way.

I’m not sure exactly what happened but after dinner we just couldn’t seem to stick to the click. In hindsight I think it’s just that Talk happens to have a few off-beat accents and that was throwing us off. We tried a bunch of different remedies but we were going in circles and it was getting late.

We all chilled out a bit and managed to put down a few good takes and even if none of them are perfect, we can mix and match bits and pieces from them to frankenstein up a good one.