Sometimes things are easy. Sometimes, not so much.

We headed back to Poons Head Studios again on February 5th to setup for another big day of recording to put down the latest track, Rest Well.

We’d gotten together and jammed out Rest Well for hours and hours at The Hen House rehearsal studios and it came up a treat there, while we were all relaxed and loose. It wasn’t perfect but it was full of energy, listen for yourself to see what I mean.

Things didn’t come as easily at Poons Head. The boys ended up doing a lot of waiting around.

It’s nobody’s fault. We just hadn’t had the time to be especially well rehearsed or comfortable with the song. On top of that, Bill’s way overworked and unwell, and I accidentally crushed Adam’s finger between the bass amp and the wall during setup. Adam broke a string during recording and I broke 3 friggin strings in a single day while recording! I’ve never had that many strings break in one day  ever before.

Those issues didn’t help the cause but it reminded me of one of the best things about working with Brendan, Bill, Adam and Rob: there’s always a ‘we can do this’ attitude. That really came into play as the day dragged on into the night. Everyone was still cracking jokes and we charged ahead and that approach is really helpful, and extremely appreciated when  working through such challenging circumstances.

We persevered. We got through all the tracking we needed and we’ll be able to get a solid track out it. Not only that, but it turns out the drums and bass sound brilliant! I’ll go back and overdub some guitars, which was the plan anyway. I’m really looking forward to that part because I’m excited to get some unusual and complex production happening on this one.