June 10th was another massive day at Poons Head Studios. As usual, results were mixed.

Despite organising for a backing vocalist to be at Poons at 12:30 and getting everything set up for her, it wasn’t until after efforts were made to chase her up at 3:30 that we were finally informed that she’d decided not to come.  That pissed me off because it was a massive waste of my time, and more importantly, studio time. Lucky for me Rob’s always good about putting in long days, so a few wasted hours is not the worst situation. The backing vocals were only the support act for the day, anyway.

The headliners were the horn section. The backing vocalist had really put me in a bad mood but when the brass guys rocked up things were back on track.

2015-06-10 19.02.44

The headline act for the day


We had Adrian Hicks on trumpet, Alex on trombone and David on sax. These blokes were super professional, right on time and ready to crank out some big fat brass sounds. I’d been looking forward to hearing the horn parts for Talk for a very long time. Until last night, the best I had to go on were the mock up synth horns I’d cobbled together in FL Studio, but last night I finally heard the real deal. It was a really cool experience.

I’d never written anything for horns before and was a bit nervous they wouldn’t turn out that well, but the guys were really helpful with suggestions to help improve the sound and Rob again showed he knows more than he lets on by being right on top of getting the best sound possible.