It was back to the studio again to get to work on editing the horn parts we recorded the week before but we would quickly find that the day would not go as planned.

Some weird distortion noise was coming through the speakers in the control room and Rob was on a hunt to find the problem. Unfortunately that hunt was a very, very long one. We lost several hours as Rob chased through cables and valves and various potential causes, eventually arriving at the prospect of the issue being with the computer that runs everything.

I think I read every single post on Reddit while I waited for the issue to be resolved, and amusingly enough it only got fixed just ahead of dinner time, so we went and got some killer burgers from Flipside down next to Mojos. Now, that particular location has a special significance to me, so it was a bit of a laugh that we ended up there after a frustrating start to the day.

Barney, Rob’s studio dog, came along for the ride to the burger joint and immediately started attracting women like the little magnet he is. And really, can you blame anyone for wanting to get to know this little fella?

The early part of the day was a bit of a bust but after we got back and powered through those tasty, tasty burgers, we started to get extremely productive.

We loaded up I Fucked Up and sorted through the multitude of trumpet solo takes Adrian had done the week before. I reckon Adrian absolutely nailed the solos and that made things a lot easier from an editing perspective. The only difficulty was that it left us with too many good parts to choose from.

After Rob had chopped up the trumpet solos and made a pretty impressive amalgam of them we had to figure out how to deal with the quiet part in the song. We ended up deciding to add in some pretty speccy finger snaps and hand claps to keep the old-school vibe.

Once all the claps and clicks and trumpet bits were done the song was sounding pretty solid. The plan is to go back and add in some backing vocals as well but that might have to wait a while.

It was a rough start but Rob was good about the issues earlier in the day and made sure the bill for the day was adjusted accordingly, and given that the song came up so well at the end of the day, it turned out to be a pretty good day at the studio after all.