We’ve been in the studio again over the weekend knocking out two more tracks that will hopefully make it onto the album.

We got there Friday night (April 17th) for set up. We were there until about 1:30am and then back again Saturday at lunchtime to start recording.

It was far from straight forward this time, for example:

  • One of my guitar amps blew up.
  • We tried a different drum kit, which proved challenging to set up to Rob’s tastes.
  • We struggled to get through a transition on In The Sun which includes a funky bass solo thing.
  • Brendan nearly died trying to play I Fucked Up at 180bpm with the triplet shuffle groove thing.
  • My hand nearly fell off after playing the chorus to In The Sun about a trillion times.
  • The studio bass amp we were using blew up.
  • Something happened to Adams guitar midway through some takes where it just dropped out completely.

We finished up at about 1am Saturday night and that was it for the rest of the guys for the weekend. I was back again at lunchtime Sunday to get some work done on the production side of things.

Rob and Alex got to work gridding up the tracks and that left me with very little I could do to help. I sat about for a bit and then decided to watch American Psycho on Netflix until they needed me.

I got to help a bit here and there as the day progressed but had to head off at about 1am because I had to work Monday at 7:30am.

What we got down sounded really good but I was hoping to get more done. We didn’t do any vocals or mixing because we lost so much time to other things. Still, we’ve got the basis for two more tracks and that’s a good start.