Perth locals will likely recognise Starcraxy as that awesome busker who plays Metallica, Iron Maiden, and all sorts of other juicy metal guitar tracks pretty much perfectly, note for note in the Murray Street mall most days of the week.

Star, as I’ve come to know her, is very kindly going to play on a track for us at our album launch.

We have a song called My God Is Better Than Your God, which has fairly intricate and fast guitar part, and it’s really hard to sing. So instead of killing myself to try and do both at the same time, I thought it’d be really cool if Star would play the guitar part for me.

I thought that was a bit optimistic seeing that I’d never actually spoken to her, but I asked and she decided to take me up on it. From my side that’s awesome because I can concentrate on singing, and from the audience’s side it’s even better because Star looks way more impressive rocking out on her flying-V than I ever could.

Star spent some time learning the song but it’s pretty hard to figure out by ear, so she asked me to send her some videos so she had something to practice to. I don’t think it’s time for my youtube guitar tutorial channel just yet, but Star is talented enough to make sense of my poorly put-together video and learn the song perfectly.

And before we knew it, it was time to get into the rehearsal studio and start rehearsing together for the big night.

Star did a great job and managed not to be too intimidated by the band. The only thing was, we have this habit of playing songs wayyyy faster live, so Star kindly pointed out that we were playing literally about 40bpm too quick and suddenly it all felt a lot easier for the rest of us!

And that’s that!

I don’t have to try and play and sing, and we get some bonus cool stage presence from a very stylish Perth personality. Win, win.

Can’t wait to play this show with her on board!

Starcraxy rocks the streets of Perth busking metal tunes that stand out from the rest like a fire-breathing dragon in a field of sheep.